Since cruising combines world-class entertainment, premium lodging, and amazing food, Cruising offers the best value of any vacation option!

If you're looking for the ULTIMATE vacation,
you're in the right place!

Here's how to get started:

Just call Debbie at 888-549-2860! She'll guide you to the cruise that best meets your vacation wishes!

The Royal Caribbean family of cruise lines are my personal favorite brands to travel and the ones I most often recommend to my clients. Royal Caribbean provides a great experience, especially families. For those looking for a notch more upscale, Celebrity is an excellent choice.

Of course, I can book you on any cruiseline, just give me a call and we'll figure out what best suits you!

"Why should I use a travel agent, when I can buy tickets directly from the Cruise line?"

A common misconception! Travel arrangements through an agent will nearly ALWAYS be less expensive than buying them directly from the cruise line who sell tickets only at FULL RETAIL prices. Since the agents get paid by the cruise line, not by passing fees on to you, it only makes sense to let a professional organize your vacation!

"All cruises are the same, you just have to find the cheapest rate!"

WRONG! Contrary to what you might think, price is NOT the only determining factor when selecting a cruise. Destination, average passenger age, ship size, ship age, stateroom location, children programs, availability... the list goes on, and all are important in creating your successful vacation. With literally thousands of ship and itinerary combinations to choose from, it is extremely valuable to work with someone who will take the time, AND has the experience to match you to the best possible cruise vacation.

"I've heard about travel insurance, is this something I need?"

While not required, we recommend you purchase travel insurance. Click here for more information about insurance.